Law Offices of Angie M. Walton, P.C.

At the Law Offices of Angie M. Walton, P.C., Knowledgeable and Professional Legal Services. If you are a Georgia resident who is unfamiliar with the legal system, trying to navigating your way through on your own can be an intimidating process. What papers do you file? How do you know whether or not you have a winnable case? How can you afford to take time off from work to handle your matter? If you are a business you need to focus on operating your business, not a lawsuit. And, most important of all: how can you be sure to hire the right lawyer, one who will give you her complete and undivided attention?

With Attorney Angie M. Walton, P.C., you can expect results that you can trust and nothing less. No catchy slogans, no fancy billboards. Just personalized attention and the results that you would expect from your lawyer. You can count on Angie M. Walton to give your legal case the attention it deserves, and to patiently guide you through the process of dealing with the legal system in Georgia.

When You Need a Good Lawyer

With over fourteen years of legal experience, Attorney Angie M. Walton has handled complex legal matters in both the State and Federal Courts. She has successfully defended multi-million dollar lawsuits for her business clients. Attorney Walton has also secured high dollar results for clients who were injured in car wrecks, tractor trailer accidents, and slip-and fall cases. Additionally, Attorney Walton has successfully represented clients who sustained injuries to their eyes and limbs. Finally, Attorney Walton have navigated families through the difficult and emotional task of bringing wrongful death suits against negligent parties. [.....]